Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I will never love you...

Part 1:

MANILA??? Who wants to go there? Holy grail! Ever since in my life, I never dream to love that place. Why would I??? I remember, I lost my phone inside Mall of Asia, it was deym! Pollution, crowded, garbage, many factors and experiences that made me decide, not to love that place. PERIOD!

to be continued...


Thursday, February 6, 2014

I wanna sleep!

Deeply sleeping. Early this morning around 6:00 AM, "Someone" is trying to reach me an unregistered number to my personal number. As I answered the call, "Hello? Hello? Helloooo..." I didn't hear any response so I fastly ended the call and tried to sleep again. After few minutes, "Someone" called again with the same number. I answered and both were silent. Meanwhile, I noticed that I heard waves of the beach, I said, "Hello? Hello? Heloooo po".... "Someone" ended the call right away. I was wondering who called me since only few people knows my personal number. "Someone" called me twice, I think "Someone" knows me.

I'm trying to be polite, despite of the hour! It's my day-off I deserved a DND sign, "Do Not Disturb" thingy! Whoever you are, don't do it again! You just simply ended my nice dream... dreaming I'm having my tour at Malaysia... Disturbance... Feeling disturbed

Blessed is me!

Thank you so much God... you answered one of my prayers... I have asked this just last week... and the answer is so fast... positive answer... you really love me so much... you shift everything into the right path... you never leave me instead you always there to guide me and love me always... if I have no one to talk with, if no one understand me... your always there to listen... you always listen my heart... you filled in my emptiness... I love you so much God... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Feeling blessed! :)

Giving up?

Company executives wanted IT to play a larger part in helping drive business improvements, but they are not always willing to provide the necessary support. In fact, the company had not invested in IT for years, so the existing systems were old and inflexible. The IT team had gone through many rounds of layoffs and was constantly firefighting and developing one-off solutions to enable new business initiatives. Feeling down. :(

Monday, January 30, 2012

Unexpected dream…last October 15, 2011

I saw a virtual map, seeing places of the Earth. What I saw was so scary for water is rising all over the places. And there was a Chinese guy who is asking me to calculate something; I think it was about longitude and latitude of the earth. And I told him I cannot calculate it because I don’t have the formula. He insisted but I still refuse to do it. And told him that, “If you provide me the formula, I can calculate it”, and he said something I don’t understand, because he used his own language, Mandarin.

Staring at the Map seriously, South Africa, Asia, those were the places that I cannot forget, for water there rises very fast and it was so scary. I would say, just a second, everything will be destroyed with that unstoppable water waves. Many people will die. Buildings, cars, plants, everything will be shattered.
As I walked down the seashore alone , I’ve heard the ocean flashes big waves going to me like in the movie of Deep Impact and 2012, I didn’t glanced at it for I know i don’t have choice but to let it flashed on me and be died by those scary waves.

At that moment, I’m so scared. So scared…I cannot do anything… as I continue walking, observing at the surroundings, damaged trees, soil was too muddy, everywhere is so wrecked, can’t help it.
But when I turned back, looking at the sand, I saw a shadow, Man’s shadow. Oh my God! I’m not alone, I felt little pleased, for at least I’m not alone in a midst of scary situation. And as I slowly looked at Him, from feet to head, and know who the Man I’m with was, I excitedly embraced Him, and I felt pure happiness, comfortable and felt very very very safe. The Man I saw and I embraced, was the Holy God Father. At that time, I did not worry because He’s there. Tears fell down.

And the moment stopped! I woke up from bed, and find myself crying…

For every situation, God is always there for us. I love you God. You’re my Savior. Our Savior.